Troubleshooting your members login

If you are having issues logging into the members section please follow through this troubleshooting guide.

Make sure your username is only your phone number including your area code, example 0399998888 (NO

If you are logging in for the first time your password will be 'member'. It is reccomended you change this the first time you login to a more secure password. This section has some sensitve information so please do this. You will need to write down the password you have chosen for future reference.

You will not be able to log into your members section until your ADSL connection has been activated and used at least once.

If your browser takes you back to the login screen and does not give you an error of invalid username and password it could be an Internet Explorer settings issue. Please follow these steps.

1) Open up internet explorer, select Tools>>Internet Options.

2) On the general tab delete all existing cookies, history and files. Hit apply and OK. Close this internet explorer window (and any other windows) and open up a fresh internet window.

3) Click onto the Security Tab, move the slider down the bottom to low, if the slider does not appear hit 'Default Level' this will make it appear. After moving this to Low hit YES on the confirmation. Do the same for Local Intranet and Trusted sites, you may not see the slider for trusted sites in which case you will need to click default level first. After this step select Apply and OK. Close Internet Explorer and open up a new window.

4) Click onto the privacy tab. Move the slider down to the bottom to 'Accept all Cookies', hit apply.

5) Select the Advanced Tab, click on the 'Restore Defaults' button, close Internet Explorer and reopen it.

6) You should now be able to login fine to the members section.

Failing this you can contact our support by emailing aaNet Support